S’Hostal Quarries Open daily
from 09.30hrs to 14.30hrs and
from 16.30hrs to the sunset
Except for Sunday afternoon

La Ruta de los Laberintos Guided tour, 19hrs
Tue. Catalan
Wed. Spanish
Thurs. English
(* Reservation required on the previous day)

Marès stone workshop
August, from the 17th to the 30th
Weekdays, from 08.30hrs to 11.00hrs

Wild fauna rescue centre

Will reopen: July
T. 619 834 597

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Calendari Lithica i postal Punta Nati disponibles a Ciutadella:
Cafeteria Ànima (carrer Sant Sebastià) i Tallers d'Art (plaça Jaume II)

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