S’Hostal Quarries Open daily
from 09.30hrs to 14.30hrs and
from 16.30hrs to the sunset
Except for Sunday afternoon

La Ruta de los Laberintos
Guided tour, 19hrs
Tuesday (catalan) i thursday (spanish)

Marès stone workshop
August, from the 17th to the 30th
Weekdays, from 08.30hrs to 11.00hrs

Wild fauna rescue centre

From 18h to 19.30h
De monday a saturday
T. 619 834 597

El judici de viviane amsalem
Eduard Iniesta

Cliqueu aquí per descarregar el calendari

Calendari Lithica i postal Punta Nati disponibles a Ciutadella:
Cafeteria Ànima (carrer Sant Sebastià) i Tallers d'Art (plaça Jaume II)

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