The intervention project

Labyrinth of the orchards

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All of the landscaping tasks carried out at s´Hostal quarries are part of the general intervention project known as Labyrinth of the orchards, which has been gradually developed since it was designed in 1996. Initially the work involved plant clearing and selective pruning and the creation of a path network which highlights the labyrinth essence of the quarries. Since the year 2000 several plant species have been planted and extensive landscaping work has been undertaken.

The aim of the work carried out at the quarries is continuing the tradition of the farmer/quarry workers who grew their vegetables and fruit trees in the excavated areas, since they were like small gorges and were ideal for plants.
Líthica´s work on this garden can be summarized in three basic lines of action:

  • Maintenance of the existing plant life through minor intervention which acknowledges the balance between the remains of the former orchards and the spontaneous colonization of nature. The work has been very subtle in order to make the visit a light and pleasant walk, while keeping the magic of the wild nature of the quarries, with the idea of letting plant life take over and follow its own course.
  • Replantation. Mediterranean tree species have been planted in the upper area, due to its poor state of conservation and difficult conditions for regeneration. On the inside area of the old quarries fruit trees have been planted; furthermore, grapevines and their traditional growing methods have been recuperated, and a vegetable garden for species which have traditionally been grown in Menorca will be created in the near future.
  • Landscaping work. Further landscaping work has been done with a historical and cultural spirit (like in the case of the Medieval garden); in others, such as the Botanical tour, the aim is to conserve the local flora species and to inform visitors about them.
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