Stone landscape

In this new stage of the quarry, Líthica wants to highlight its essence as an area of stone, as well as the techniques that were used to create it. Therefore, the tasks undertaken and the techniques used in the quarry bring back and reinterpret the legacy of the old stoneworkers, working in the architecture of caves and excavated rocks, creating the space through the extraction of stone.

Work on the rock

  • Safety wall at the ramp that leads to the Amphitheatre quarry, made by lowering the level of the ground.
  • Extension of the amphitheatre stage and removal of steps inside the quarry by lowering the level of the ground. The extracted stone was used as building material to make the upper surface of the stage.
  • Stairs to connect the inside area of one of the quarries with the upper area by excavating the stairwell and carving the steps.

Other works that applied techniques which respected the stone landscape include:

  • Safety walls were built imitating the marks left by the disc on the walls of the quarries where stone was extracted mechanically.
  • The identifying marks and signs for the different areas were engraved on the stone.
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