Educational nature area



S’Hostal quarries are like an open air museum Guided tours are available for all ages, for discovering the secrets of this hidden heritage.


We organise educational workshops for schools all about stone cutting skills, run by our staff. Groups are welcome all year round.

Visites i passejades amb diverses rutes


Visita de la geodiversitat, 2015. Foto, KIKE DE PALMA

Visita escolar, Lithica Jardí Medieval

Dry stone area


The Dry Stone Area displays the different elements used in dry stone building, illustrating like an art book how the dry stone wall building technique is an essential part of Menorca’s countryside, a technique now declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage.


It was designed by the master craftswoman Frédérique Mahieu, a person who has greatly contributed to the recognition of the importance of dry stone work in Menorca, and who has created this project along with stone wall builder Tóbal Torres in 2012.

ESPAI PARET SECA. Visita i explicacions

Espai de Paret seca, detall de porta, cap de cantó

Espai de pedra paret didactica

ESPAI PARET SECA · Federica Mahieu

Paret seca, espai didàctic. Alumnes del Lycée agricole de Carpentras, França