Mineral Labyrinth

Created for Líthica’s 20th anniversary, the Mineral Labyrinth has come to symbolize the maze-like essence of the quarries, alongside the Plant labyrinth.


The Mineral Labyrinth was designed by Laetitia Lara (Paris 1957), with the participation of Nuria Román (Madrid, 1966) and Basile Ribas (Switzerland, 1988), and is based on the Minotaur’s labyrinth. It is square in shape with multiple pathways and a challenge to reach the centre; a personal challenge or in a group. It is a whimsical experience: people lose their way, find it again and find each other, mirroring the journey through life.


The Labyrinth is an artist’s conception of the quarries, turning them into land-art. The stones are sponsored by the general public and have been put together using traditional dry stone wall technique. The Labyrinth is a mirror image of the surrounding landscape, reversing the stone cutter’s work by returning the stones to the quarry (to the earth) that the earth gave in the first place, showing us a different approach.



The Labyrinth is located by the Totem, in the deepest part of the mechanical-extraction quarry. The stone giant watches over the geometrical lines of the maze, in the heart of which is a small pond full of water, water being the great treasure of our island.

  • Geometrical square shape
  • Multicursal path
  • 7 concentric aisles around the centre
  • Small pond with water purified by plants
  • Circular pond with running water
  • Architectural entrance hall


Total surface area 800 sq m:

  • Labyrinth surface 600 sq m
  • Area of water 80 sq m
  • Antechamber 120 sq m


Materials used:

  • 3000 blocks of marés stone (60x33x40cm)
  • 30 large blocks of marés stone (200x135x65cm)
  • Walls 1.60m high
  • Walls of 5/6 rows of blocks



  • Dry stone

Foto: Diego Barraza

Foto: Sébastien Héon

Foto: Jean Pierre Fouquet

Foto: Lara

Foto: Damià Coll

Foto: Esperança Pons Truyol

Foto: Carmencha Mosquera

Foto: Lara