Medieval Garden

Walled vegetable plot, secret garden or cloister: the medieval garden, a wistfully remembered paradise lost, is built for humans to focus on communing with a higher order symbolized by the geometrical shape of the garden.


The fountain is framed by roses, symbolizing life and soul. Surrounding it there is a medicinal herb garden symbolizing how the mind comprehends nature: the kitchen garden brings sustenance to the body; our senses perceive evidence of life around us, hearing the sound of trickling water, touching and smelling the herbs and flowers.


This garden was inspired by the quarry of Ship’s Prows, with its tranquil and reclusive atmosphere. It evokes a cloister in a medieval monastery, restful and aloof from the world.

Foto: Claire Charamond

Foto: Lluís Bertran

Foto: Henar García Martínez

Foto: Joan Mascaró Bosch

Foto: Jose Bravo

Foto: Jose Bravo

Foto: Jaime García Pons